Release notes


TikStats Analytics Release v.1.1.1 👋

In this documentation we'll walk you through all information and tips


- Added field validation during registration.
Sounds section: - Fixed adding music to tracking by link.
- Added support for Russian letters in the title of the track when added to tracking.
- Fixed display of columns "before, after".
- The Sound Search page no longer displays random data when there is no search word.
- Fixed filters in the sections "Favorites", "Added tracks".
- General interface changes to support more devices.
- Fixed the color of the "Search" page.
- The location of filters on the "Sounds", "Videos", "Bloggers" pages has been fixed, now they do not interfere with the optimization of tables for devices.
- The "Back" button on the "Sounds", "Videos", "Bloggers" pages now retains filtering when returning to the table.

Performance and Algorithms:
- Data update has been accelerated by optimizing the work of servers, including when adding a new track for tracking. The data is updated within a minute.
- A database of 30 thousand bloggers is connected to the neural network system to predict the number of subscribers. Information about predictions will become available on the blogger's page as soon as the neural network determines the calculations as trustworthy.

Over 10 UI Fixes
Speed optimization