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A comprehensive solution for the music industry

Our service solves the most difficult tasks of music labels, managers of artists, performers, beatmakers (composers/songwriters), musicians and talent hunting.

  • TikTok Sound Analytics

    Daily data updates, sound growth tracking, coverage development schedule, and other data.

  • Neural network from TikStats

    Generates predicted sound growth based on user behavior and data based on the sound usage model.

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Effective for working with bloggers

Now you have the ability to track any integrations and implementations. Our neural network will provide data on the use of sound by the blogger and the statistics that you will receive from this.

  • Efficiency

    You can track the effectiveness of investments within the framework of working with selected bloggers.

  • Individuality

    Since our analytics service works with different areas of media business, we are ready to open additional functionality to you. Use the feedback form to do this.

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Global Data

In the basic version, we provide data from the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. In individual usage packages, we are ready to adapt them to your requirements. Using our service - you get the most active data on the growth and development of sounds and bloggers.

  • World Music TOP

    The most popular sounds are available within our basic.

  • World blogger TOP

    You have access to data on the most popular bloggers, statistics of their development and publications processed by our neural network.

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A comprehensive solution for working in the media business

Our service solves the most difficult tasks of labels, artist managers, bloggers and marketers.

Sound Analytics

We provide the only and unique analytics that generates updated statistics every day.

Professional architecture, stability of work and voluminous data for professional work.

Main functions:
  • Sound growth analytics
  • Statistics from 4 geopositions - the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
  • The growth rate of the author/performer
  • The ability to filter the original and standard sound
  • The forecast of sound growth from our neural net
  • AF - the frequency of sound output by the TikTok neural network to users
  • Search for an artist or sound in our database
  • The ability to download the received data
  • Graphs of sound growth
  • And much more

Blogger Analytics

We provide data on the activity of bloggers and displays the publications they have made with statistical data. By submitting an order to work, you can always check the quality of its execution.

Main functions:
  • Statistics of subscribers, likes, pageviews
  • Display of publications and data on their performance
  • The ability to add to favorites for quick access
  • Our neural network will show how the blogger's statistics are changing, growth / decline
  • Search for bloggers in our database

User Analytics

We provide TikTok user analytics.

Main functions:
  • Analytics of the growth of views
  • Statistics from 4 geopositions - the USA, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
  • Step of user content growth
  • Video growth forecast of our neural network
  • AF - frequency of video output by the TikTok neural network to users
  • User search on our database
  • Ability to add to favorites for quick access
  • Graphs of video growth
  • Our neural network will show how user statistics change


We adapt our analytical system and neural network to the needs of business. If you need an individual solution, contact us.


The settings simplicity and the personal account device allows you to access and use all functionality within 15 minutes from the moment of payment.

TikStats Analytics for TikTok

You will find a detailed description of the functionality and capabilities in the presentation.

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Do your job more productively and efficiently

Using our service and data - you make your business better and more progressive. With statistics and forecasts, you are always one step ahead.


Our neural network updates the data every 24 hours.


Detailed analysis and history of changes.

Neural Network

Our neural network will build a model of possible development and changes.


Export data in a format convenient for you.

About Us

Creators of the neural network and analytics system TikStats

Our project is designed for labels, musicians, agents, influencers and marketing companies. Succeed at TikTok with our service.

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